Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“To assist SHS management in giving quality education to its learners who must come out of school with technical and life skills that will enable them to be eligible to enrol at any university, employable, and/or pursue business opportunities”

Our Mission

  • Assist the school towards achieving a 100% matric pass rate with at least 80% of the learners eligible to enroll at university
  • Ensure that the school has and uses all resources and programmes required for learners to excel in their fields of study
  • Assist the school to obtain sponsorship and raise funds when required

  • Encourage learners to participate in activities that will prepare them towards becoming entrepreneurs
  • Create an environment that will promote participation of learners in extra mural activities like sports, arts and culture
  • Offer support to learners in terms of life skills and mentorship during their high school years and beyond


Siyamukela High School was built in the 20th century and has over the years produced a significant number of professionals. It is one of the schools that were managed and supported by the KwaZulu government prior 1994 as the KwaZulu Enhanced Education Programme (KEEP school). At that time the school had more support from the government and such support produced good results. Through its excellence the school earned recognition from the department of education as one of the ‘Dinaledi schools’ (school of stars). This status is given to schools which are capable of producing good quality science and maths learners.

Most learners who attended SHS have come out and made a success of their lives. A countless number of professionals have been produced by the school and it continues to do so. Most of SHS alumni who did science are either engineers, medical doctors or have another science related qualification. This benefits the country and should the school continue producing such excellent talent, then the country will continue to benefit a lot.

In the early to mid 90’s the school was famous for achieving a 100% matric pass rate every year. Such performance attracted large companies like the Anglo American who through their careerwise programme got involved by giving bursaries to learners who excelled in maths and science.